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Why We Test Tires

Independent test results to help Canadians find the best tire for their needs

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Independent And Objective Testing

The independent tire testers conducted extensive tests to determine how the tires in our core line-up perform in a range of conditions in both summer and winter. To maintain neutrality, no driver knew the specifics of the tires they were testing each time. All results were analyzed and processed by the testing group and then provided to Kal Tire for sharing with our customers.

Helping You Find The Right Tire

Because the test results are independent and objective, Canadians can confidently review the tire testing results to help determine which tire is best suited for the roads and road conditions they will likely encounter. From dry pavement to slush to gravel, we have the test results to help you find the best tire for your needs.

From ice cornering to hydroplane resistance, all tires were subjected to the same rigorous tests. Learn more about each test and how each tire's performance was measured.