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We always repair your tires using both plugs and patches, as recommended by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. When it comes to the safety of your tires, you just can’t cut corners.

What’s wrong with my tire?

There are several different situations that can cause either a rapid leak or one of those annoying slow leaks.

Rapid Leak

Rapid Leak

Puncture from road hazards (nails, potholes)

Penetrating Object

When it comes to things that cause holes in tires our technicians have seen it all – a four inch heel from a ladies shoe, a 17mm wrench, a railroad spike, a bone, even a bullet.

Slow Leak

Slow Leak

Wheel bead damaged or value stem needs replacement

Bead Leak

This is a leak that happens around the edge of the wheel where the tire attaches. It can be caused by a corroded wheel or debris not allowing the tire to make an airtight seal.

Sidewall Damage

Scraping or bumping into a curb can weaken the side of your tire causing it to slowly lose air. These ones can sometimes be invisible from the outside of the tire too.

Repair your tire with us

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Here are some of the scenarios where it’s safer to replace your tire than to try to repair it.

Shoulder Puncture - This is on the side of the tire where there is no tread.

Overlapping Repair - If the area that needs to be repaired overlaps another repair.

Large Punctures - Any holes lager the 1/4 inch in diameter for passenger cars or 3/8 inch for light trucks.

Weakened Sidewall - If a flat tire has sat for too long or was driven on for too long.

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