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Get our free 30-day no-hassle guarantee when you buy any new tires. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t like your new tires, just come back within 30 days and we’ll sort you out with a new set.

Our Guarantee Is Just The Beginning.

When you buy your tires from us, you also get our Customer Care Plan. It’s a ton of extra benefits available at any of our over 250 locations across Canada.

Free Flat Repairs - If you get a flat, just come into any location and we'll fix it at no charge.

Free Rotations - We'll rotate the position of your tires every 8,000 km for the life of your tires.

Free Road Hazard Protection - If your tires are damaged by a road hazard and can’t be repaired, we’ll replace them.

Free Lifetime Balancing - We’ll keep your original tire and wheel assembly on track.

Free Air - Drop in anytime and we'll ensure your tires are properly inflated.


Upon purchase of tires for personal use vehicles, we will provide the following FREE Customer Care Plan to the original purchaser and vehicle. Excludes motor homes and specialty line applications, i.e. Off-Road and Mud Boggers. The claim for your personal use vehicle may be made at any Kal Tire location during regular business hours. The tires and the vehicle for which the claim is being made, along with the customer’s copy of the original Customer Care Plan folder must accompany any claim.

Tread Wear Expectation: If the eligible tire(s) wear evenly across the face of the tread and wear down to 2/32 of an inch prior to the kilometre rating, we will replace the tire(s) with comparable new tires at a pro-rated price. Pro-rated price will be calculated by dividing the actual distance travelled by the expected distance, multiplied by the current price. It is the owner’s obligation to ensure proper tire care to prevent abnormal wear, otherwise manufacturer warranties will be voided. This includes tire rotation every 8- 10,000 km, properly aligned wheels, and proper tire inflation. Please keep a record of all tire rotations and wheel alignments, as these will be required for warranty claims. Tire inflation should be checked once a month.

Road Hazard Protection: Any of the tires which fail and in our opinion are not repairable due to road hazard damage like cuts, bruises, and punctures, will be replaced with a comparable new tire within the first 30 days of purchase at no charge, excluding balancing. After the first 30 days, from the purchase date, any tires, which fail due to road hazard damage and are not repairable in our opinion, will be replaced with a comparable new tire. The replacement cost for the tire(s) will be on a pro-rated basis. This will be calculated as follows: percentage of tread depth used multiplied by the current selling price at the time of return plus balancing.

Owner’s Obligation: Proper tire care is necessary to obtain the maximum mileage and wear from a tire. You are required to have us rotate and inspect your tires every 8,000-10,000 km. This service will be provided at no charge. Owners must also ensure their vehicle is in proper alignment to prevent abnormal tire wear. Abnormal wear could void any manufacturer warranty. You also need to ensure that the tires operate at the proper cold inflation pressure as outlined in the owner’s manual or on the invoice. Inflation should be checked once a month. This will be provided at no charge by any Kal Tire store. We will help you. Please come and see us.

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