Car battery recycling in Canada

Recycling old car battery

Has your battery reached the end of its life? You might be wondering: Where can I recycle my car battery? Fortunately, there are hundreds of car battery recycling sites across Canada.

While the small batteries we use to power household gadgets are recycled by Call2Recycle in Canada, lead acid vehicle batteries are collected by members of the Canadian Battery Association (CBA).

CBA depots across Canada will accept your vehicle battery. Many of these car battery recycling sites are:

  • Auto service centres, such as Kal Tire stores
  • Recycling depots
  • Landfills
  • Transfer stations designated to receive hazardous materials

Where can you find a car battery recycling depot?

When your vehicle or boat battery is dead, all you need to do is find your closest recycling depot.

The website locates nearby CBA depot locations in BC, Manitoba and the Maritime provinces.

How does car battery recycling work? Is there a fee?

Kal Tire will accept your vehicle battery. The ‘core’ recycling charge that would be added to the cost of a new battery is waived if we receive the old battery when you purchase a new battery. In addition to batteries for your car, SUV and truck, we also stock and accept batteries for your RV, boat, commercial and farm vehicles.

Some private scrap metal or battery recycling companies will pay you for exhausted vehicle batteries.

Just be sure to handle your battery with care on the way. Some people like to wear gloves and double-bag their batteries for easy transport to a recycling depot. 

Are you wondering if your car battery is near the end of its life?

Visit Kal Tire so one of our mechanical experts can inspect it for you and give advice on best next steps.

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