YMCA of Northern BC

The YMCA of Northern BC is working on a project to improve the quality of their flooring.

Kal’s RePlay Fund Rolls Out the Rubber for YMCA of Northern BC.

Recycled rubber flooring promotes a more sanitized centre and provides comfort to all members. With the aid of Kal’s RePlay fund, the YMCA has been approved for two grants to help pay for the flooring, which is made entirely of recycled tires.

Amanda Alexander, CEO of YMCA of Northern BC explains, “There is a lot of work to do around our global awareness and the benefit of recycling for our environment, and that’s important for all of us, especially our members.”

Out With the Old and In With the New

The previous, carpeted flooring was a pain point for the administration at the YMCA due to the tripping risks, sanitation hazards, sensory stimulation from the lack of noise cancellation, and allergens within the carpet fibres.

The gym occupies 6,270 sq. ft. to accommodate several pieces of exercise equipment and to provide a safe, open training environment for members. The floor matting recycled 479 tires and provided 8,672 pounds of rubber to mould into the upgraded flooring. An eco-friendly flooring company, PG Floor Fashions Ltd., supplied and installed the durable rubber flooring product in the YMCA. This addition to the workout facility will enable all members to access the gym, no matter their ability or mobility aids - creating a fully inclusive environment for Prince George community members.

“Through Kal's RePlay Fund, we are always delighted to help non-profit organizations cover the cost of recycled rubber products, such as the YMCA's new gym flooring. Recycled rubber flooring not only ensures facilities are accessible, inclusive, and easy to clean but also limits noise, reducing sensory stimulation in the gym.” Kevin McCarty, Senior Social Responsibility Specialist, explains the principle of Kal’s RePlay Fund.

Fostering Relationships to Build an Inclusive Future

The team at the YMCA in Northern BC can agree with their supporter, Kal Tire, that building a more inclusive, accessible, and healthy environment for community members is key to working towards a brighter future.

“Building a sense of community and belonging has been heightened since the pandemic, and it is so important that we can have our members gather and feel a connection with people because we are not meant to be alone.” Amanda Alexander, CEO of the YMCA of Northern BC.

Besides flooring, recycled rubber has built a training facility at the Surrey Animal Training Centre.


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