New torque check process safer and more convenient for customers

Kal Tire team member with torque wrench on tire

We get it. After you’ve had new tires installed or a seasonal changeover, returning to a Kal Tire store the next day for a retorque isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve developed a convenient and safe alternative that ensures your vehicle is ready to drive as soon as we hand over your keys.

Torques—the process of hand tightening the lug nuts on your wheels—are now done twice, once as part of the tire installation and then again before we return your vehicle. First, we hand torque your wheels in the bay. Then we do a second torque-check in the parking area before we return your vehicle to you.

Our Team Members are trained to master this new procedure, and all Kal Tire locations will follow the new protocol starting March 2021.

We started this new process in Calgary, and all across Canada, our teams have reported success with the new model. We also realized an increased level of safety by eliminating the risk that customers sometimes forget to return to the shop for a retorque.

What is a torque-check and why is it done?

We torque-check a wheel immediately following installation. This process, which was previously done after 50 km or on the following business day, involves checking the tightness of the lug nuts to ensure they’re neither too tight nor too loose. This is also why we hand torque, so that we can carefully control the amount of torque applied to each lug nut.

If the lug nuts are too tight, the nuts can damage bolt threads, break fasteners, or warp new rotors.

And if they’re too loose, your wheel could fall off when you’re driving. This scenario is very unlikely, but we always want to help ensure your driving safety.

Is this new process safe?

It’s very safe. Actually, it’s safer than before as it removes the risk of you forgetting to complete your follow-up retorque. You can rest assured that, when you leave with your vehicle, you can drive to your heart’s content without the immediate need to see us again the following business day.

Can Kal Tire still check my tires after 50 km?

You are always welcome to bring your vehicle back for a complimentary retorque after 50km. The only difference is it’s no longer required under our new procedure.

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