Variety — the Children’s Charity

Helps to create safer and more inclusive gathering spaces and playgrounds

Celebrating more accessible playgrounds in Alberta using recycled rubber products.

In 2022, Kal Tire partnered with Variety – The Children’s Charity to improve four community playgrounds throughout Alberta.

The Kal’s RePlay RePlay program funds the use of recycled rubber materials in community-based projects that support diversity and inclusion.

Since 2019, Kal Tire has helped a total of 45 community organizations and has used nearly 2 million pounds of recycled rubber to support communities upgrade their facilities. Recycled rubber surfaces are necessary to help make these structures accessible and safer for everyone. For persons living with disabilities, sand and gravel surfaces on playgrounds are a real barrier, keeping them off the playground.

Variety- the Children’s Charity of Alberta, is an organization in Alberta that supports children facing a variety of challenges, and an important focus of their work is leading the construction of playgrounds that allow all children, regardless of ability, to play with their peers.

“There’s a whole segment of society who cannot enjoy public play spaces. They can hear their friends and see their friends, but they can’t join them,” says Larry Horeczy, Chief Operating Officer, Variety—the Children’s Charity of Alberta. “If we think about play as an essential part of childhood development, for children living with disabilities, our most vulnerable children, rubber surfacing makes it possible for them to be socially and physically active. The partnership with Kal Tire is a model showing communities how we can bring about inclusion.”

Variety is leading the way in Alberta, making positive impacts for organizations and families, as well as the environment. “Playground construction is an incredible way to put old tires to good use and we’re excited about being a part of inclusive play for all ages and abilities,” says Kevin McCarty, senior specialist, responsibility, Kal Tire.



Variety’s 2022 projects supported by Kal’s RePlay Fund include:


Innisfail Community Playground in Innisfail, AB

This inclusive playground, Innisfail’s first and a much-needed replacement of worn equipment, will serve the entire community of 8,000 residents.

• Estimated total weight of recycled rubber being used: 52,000 pounds

• Estimated number of passenger tires recycled: 6,280 tires

• Surface area: 4,000 square feet


Cochrane Centennial Park in Cochrane, AB

A central park serving families and seniors furthest from opportunity, the play area needed updated equipment that would ensure the children’s safety.

• Estimated total weight of recycled rubber being used: 57,200 pounds

• Estimated number of passenger tires recycled: 6,900 tires

• Surface area: 4,400 square feet


Tsuu T’ina First Nation

With a concrete surface, and unsafe equipment lacking features, the community playground serving the families of the Tsuu T’ina First Nation was desperately in need of replacing.

• Estimated total weight of recycled rubber being used: 98,000 pounds

• Estimated number of passenger tires recycled: 11,800

• Surface area: 7,500 square feet


Dr. Morris Gibson School Playground in Okotoks, BC

A small community coming together to bring a more accessible playground for children of all abilities to play together.

• Estimated total weight of recycled rubber being used: 27,300 pounds

• Estimated number of passenger tires recycled: 3,300

• Surface area: 2,100 square feet

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