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Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are a safety device installed by the factory to alert the driver of an underinflated tire. Most modern vehicles are outfitted with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to help ensure your driving safety with properly inflated tires.

What should I do if my TPMS light is flashing?

1. Pull over safely

2. Check pressure manually, and if it’s low…

3. Visit a Kal Tire location as soon as possible

Why is maintaining proper tire pressure important?

Your vehicle’s weight is supported by your tires. By checking and maintaining tire pressure monthly, you’ll benefit from:

    • Better stability and traction

    • Even tread wear

    • Longer tire life

    • Better fuel efficiency

Maintaining Tire Pressure Is Always Important

Learn all about how TPMS works and how to find and maintain proper tire pressure.

TPMS Monitoring System light is on

What is TPMS?

What you need to know about tire pressure monitoring systems.

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Checking tire pressure

All about tire pressure

The risks of driving on over or underinflated tires and how seasons affect air pressure.

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Kal Tire team member checking tire pressure

How to check tire pressure

A five-step guide and video to help you easily check tire pressure.

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Kal Tire team members are TPMS experts and here to help you.

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