A studded tire has dozens of specially engineered pins inserted into the tread for traction. They are made from metal alloy or aluminum. They provide better traction on ice and hard packed snow over standard winter tires by 'clawing' into the ice.

No matter what city you live in, if you find yourself driving in winter conditions, in mountain passes, or, if you keep spinning your tires at icy intersections, winter tire studs may be the best option to get the grip you need. On ice and compact snow, the traction can’t be beat. Studded tires are by far the safest option. Remember, though, no tire will make up for poor driving decisions in the winter.

Most provinces have seasonal regulations as to when studded tires are allowed on the roads. Ask us about the Canadian tire regulations in your area when installing studded tires.

A few disadvantages to studded tires:

• On bare roads they are noisier than studdless tires and tend to cause more wear on the roads.

• The studs will wear out quicker on bare roads vs. when they are driven in the snow (that’s the same for non-studded winter tires as well though).

• Excessive spinning of your tires may eject the studs.

• Studded tires generally cost more due to the additional material used in the tire.

• Some strata underground parking lots do not allow studded tires.

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