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Tire repair
1 month ago by DANIEL HEALEY.

Friendly and efficient service

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Would Never Recommend
2 months ago by CS.

I had an issue with this store a couple years ago, decided to give them a second chance, bad idea. I came to get tires on my truck, unfortunately I had just purchased the truck a few months before and never bothered to ask for the lug nut key for the after market rims. They told me there was nothing they could do as they don't carry that "brand" of lock nut. This is fine, I could purchase it at Lordco, but wouldn't it be a good investment for the store to spend the $30 to have that type of lock nut available? They also took all stem caps off and didn't replace them. Anyway I had to reschedule and on this visit I was told they do free alignments so I took them up on it knowing the truck had recently been aligned, surprise surprise they tell the gal (me) with a truck it is Wayyyy out of alignment...I doubt that very much, I would notice when driving if it was to the extent they claim. Before I paid the $2300 bill I checked the truck and sure enough they took my lock nut, they searched for it everywhere and said they would buy me a new one if they misplaced it. I was getting irritated at the unprofessionalism of this store and also seen they STILL hadn't replaced the stem caps either. Later I also realized they stole the allen wrench I had in my cup holder that I needed to put back on all they hubs they took off on the first visit and didn't replace. I had another appointment for my other vehicle that week that I promptly cancelled. When leaving two young employees were waving at me while I was getting into the truck and sarcastically stated "good bye, have a nice day". I don't appreciate (especially after spending $2300) being treated this way. First thing in the morning I find my brand-new front tire flat, I had to make a third appointment in 4 days because these people cannot do their job. It's a tire store, there is one thing you need to be good at...tires! I guess the employee didn't fill the inner tube of the tire, hence why it was flat. Oh and the stem caps they finally replaced but not with the nice ones the truck had before, instead some cheap product. I will never go to any Kaltire ever again. I did visit another tire store for my other vehicle and when I said I had a bad experience at the Kaltire on Leckie, they weren't surprised as they hear that all the time, at least I'm not alone and at least now you know the reputation you hold.

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December 12, 2017 by Kal Tire
We're sorry you didn't have a better experience Christa. We've reached out to you twice by voicemail and once by email, but have not had any reply to you. We want to make sure this is resolved for you. Please feel free to call us at 250-860-5977. Thank you.
  • 3.0
Average Rating:3.0
Based on 2 customer reviews