Tire recycling is at the heart of our sustainability journey.

What is our role in tire recycling?

Recycling is as important to our teams as it is to our customers. That’s why Kal Tire fosters various meaningful tire recycling initiatives in the regions where do business.

Beyond collecting the required pre-disposal fee that covers the cost of tire recycling for provincial tire stewardship organizations, we also participate in provincial tire recycling programs and act as scrap tire drop-off points.

At all of our stores, drivers can drop off up to four off-rim tires so they can be recycled into products such as rubber mats and playground surfaces. Across Canada, our locations collect an estimated 2 million scrap tires for recycling every year. If we stacked all those tires, the height would be 57 times higher than Mount Everest!

We also host Tire Round-ups in BC, and Kal Tire recently invested in the expansion of a tire recycling facility in Alberta to accommodate recycling giant mining tires from the oil sands. Kal Tire is also Canada's largest tire retreader, meaning we can replace worn tread on commercial truck and off-the-road tires to extend the useful life of the tire casings.

Hosting Scrap Tire Round-ups

Every summer, Kal Tire partners with Tire Stewardship BC to host Tire Round-up events. During these day-long events in BC, drivers are encouraged to drop off ‘orphan’ tires lurking in garages, barns, ditches, etc.—so we can collect scrap tires that might not otherwise be recycled. During Tire Round-ups, Kal Tire collects an unlimited amount of tires both on and off rim.

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Retreading is Recycling

As Canada’s largest retreading company, we help commercial truck and mining customers extend the life of their tires and reduce their carbon footprint by applying a new tread to the casing of used tires.

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Investing in Tire Recycling Technology

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group sells and services earthmover tires, and we also felt it was important to be a part of a solution for when those tires reach the end of their life.

In 2016, mine operators across western Canada finally had a way to solve one of their biggest environmental concerns—scrap tires—when Kal Tire began offering an earthmover recycling service from a facility in Legal, Alberta. Through a partnership with one of North America’s leaders in tire recycling, the plant has the annual capacity to shred nearly 6,000 off-the-road (OTR) tires, many from northern Alberta’s oil sands region.

Kal Tire is also developing its own mining tire recycling facility in Chile, expected to open in 2019. The facility will have the capacity to recycle nearly 20,000 kilograms of tires each day through a process that chemically decomposes organic materials with heat in the absence of oxygen, and turns tires into fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black.


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Where Scrap Tires Become Amazing Community Spaces

We’re thrilled to be a part of an initiative that combines tire recycling and making a positive impact in our neighbourhoods. Through the RePlay Fund, Kal Tire supports the purchase of recycled rubber products that will be used to enhance community facilities in the form of playground surfaces, flooring, roofs and more.

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Retreading Tires

Giving truck and OTR tires a second life.

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