kalometres are proof of happiness

When a customer comes back to us again and again, we're doing something right.


How do you measure happiness? At Kal Tire, we measure it with KALometres. It tells us how long customers have been happily coming back to us. We're not one to brag, so we let our customer smiles speak for us. Keeping customers happy - It's How We Roll.

302,463 KALometres

We know your car is an extension of your character. That’s why we love keeping characters like Frankie – and his classic ‘78 Mini – forever cruising in style.

243,712 KALometres

As an aircraft engineer, Jenny knows a thing or two about keeping things moving. On the ground, she trusts us to always get her where she needs to go.

528,353 KALometres

- 10 years

- 40 camping trips

- 528,353 KALometres

And 1 more happy family off to great adventures on Canada’s long and winding roads.

75,836,426 KALometres per year

They’ve been everywhere, man…And everywhere Arrow Transportation goes across Canada, we’re always there to get them safely to their next stop, hauling big smiles all the way.


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