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Properly inflated tires matter. 50% of vehicles on the road in Canada have at least one tire that is over or under inflated by more than 10%. You can check them yourself or pop-by one of our locations and we’ll check your tires and inflate them for free (personal use passenger & light truck vehicles only).

The Risk & Costs of Under-Inflation:

vehicle swerving

Bad Handling

Tires can't respond as quickly or accurately.

vehicle with tire blown out

Risk of Blowouts

The sides of under-inflated tires bend, flex and build up dangerous friction and heat that can cause tires to blow out.

vehicle with damage


A tire 25% below its recommended pressure is three times as likely to be involved in a crash.1

vehicle with bald tires

Short Tire Life

Too much flexing and tire overloading (especially with extra luggage or camping gear) while operating a vehicle with just one tire under-inflated by 8 PSI can reduce tire life by 15,000 km.2


Wasted Gas

It takes more energy for the vehicle to roll; maintaining tire pressure could save you almost two weeks of fuel every year.3

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