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All our services are warranty-approved and done with replacement parts that meet or exceed factory replacements.

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Trust Kal With Your Brakes

When you need brake work, trust our trained technicians to do the best job at the best price. We offer highly-competitive pricing, only use parts that meet or exceed OE (original equipment) specifications, and provide an industry leading warranty. With easy-to-understand, all-inclusive packages, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the work being performed without any surprise costs. Contact us for a fast, no-obligation estimate for your vehicle.

Kal Tire Brake Service

What's included in our Brake Packages?

Kal’s brake packages include the following:

• New brake pads

• New brake rotors

• Installation of parts by trained technicians

• Caliper servicing (cleaning & lubricating of caliper slides)

• Bleeding of brake fluid system


The work of our trained technicians is backed by the best warranty in the industry, with brake parts and labour covered for 3-years or 40,000 km (whichever comes first).

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Trust Kal with your brakes

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