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Over 500 tire tests to ensure you get the perfect tire for your vehicle.

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Independent Tire Testing

Real-world, independent tire tests in snow, ice, wet and dry conditions so you'll know exactly how they'll perform on the road.

Latest Results

Our independent testers perform testing in the summer and winter. Learn about the latest findings.

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Helping You Choose The Right Tire.

Use the test results to make informed buying decisions and make sure you get the right tire for your needs.

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Car, Mini-Van & Cross Over | Snow Cornering

From the testing results, here are the top performers for Snow Cornering in winter testing.

Truck & SUV | Snow Cornering

From the winter testing results, here are the top performing tires for cornering on snow.

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About Our Tests

Our independent test team performs testing in summer and winter. Learn more about the tests and the conditions.

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Meet The Test Team

Our independent test team put these tires through their paces. Meet the professional drivers behind the results.

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