Which tire is right for me?

Here are some quick tips for shopping on KalTire.com that help you find the right tire for your needs.

STEP 1: Selecting a Tire Category

Tire categories are groups of tires that serve a specific purpose. Selecting the appropriate category for your needs is an important first step.

STEP 2: Using Independent Tire Testing While Shopping On KalTire.com

Not all tires are created equally. Our independent test team perform rigorous testing on dozens of models of tires, rating how each model performs in different conditions. We’ve built easy-to-use shopping tools that use the testing results, to help you can make informed purchase decisions.

Sort Tires By Performance In Specific Road Conditions

Looking for the top performing tire on ice? Perhaps you’re more concerned about performance in wet conditions. No matter which road conditions are most important to you, we’ve included an easy tool to help you narrow in on the best tire for your needs.

To take advantage of this tool, click on the “Sorted By” dropdown menu on the tire results page.


Once you open the drop-down menu, you’ll see the variety of road conditions you can sort your tire results on. Clicking on the desired road condition will re-sort your tires on the results page by top-performing on that particular selection.


Comparing the Details

Sort Tires By Performance In Specific Road Conditions

Are there a few tires you’ve got your eye on? Be sure to use the compare functionality to give you more details to compare the tires. Look for the “Compare” below the product image, and click inside the circle.


Once you’ve selected up to 3 tires to compare, click on the compare button.


Shop Tires

Adventures and everyday journeys are just around the corner. Find the perfect tires for all your travels.

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