Tire Chains and Studs
Tire Chains and Studs


If you are driving in severe winter conditions, chains may be the best way to maintain traction. Some routes will require you to carry chains in extremely snowy or icy road conditions. Kal Tire carries a wide selection of chains to meet your vehicles needs.

A few things you should know before buying chains:

  • You need to pre-fit your chains to your tire size and vehicle before you use them. The same numerical tire size can vary among tire manufacturers, causing actual tire sizes to be different.
  • There are many different types of chains on the market. Take the time to find the product that best suits your needs.

Kal Tire offers many types of chains:

  1. Passenger - Z-Cable Chain, Super Z6 Cable Chain,  Shur Grip Z Cable Chain,  Radial Cable Chain and Whitestar Alloy  
  2. Light Truck – Z-Cable Chain, Super Z6 Cable Chain, Radial Chain LT,  Whitestar Alloy, Regular Link and VBar Link  
Z-Chain: A premium high performance product, the Z-Chain is the choice of many emergency vehicle operators. Shur Grip Z: The most popular choice for passenger cars. Shur Grip Z chains are easy to install and ABS compatible. Radial Chain: The economical choice, this Radial Chain features spring rollers and provide a smooth, quiet ride.

For more information about chains talk to your local Kal Tire professional.

And keep in mind, the cost of chains is usually less than the cost of a single tow!


Some winter tires have studs - specialized rubber compounds or traction enhancers that are moulded right into the tire. The use of studded tires is usually restricted to winter months.

In Canada the law states if you are studding snow tires on the front axle, studded tires must also be placed on the rear axle. This measure is to prevent the rear end of the vehicle from breaking loose under heavy cornering and breaking.

Most provinces have time regulations as to when studded tires are allowed on the roads. Ask about the regulations in your area when installing studded tires, or contact your nearest Kal Tire store.